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Meet The Team

An introduction to some members of Grumpy Sheep Music!

team member image - Katy


Katy is our singer and the voice of Grumpy Sheep on CD. She's from Liverpool, so singing and music are in her DNA! Katy has sung in various bands at all sorts of festivals - and when she started singing for Grumpy Sheep Music we had a bit of coaxing to do to get her to sing like a cow, a sheep or a camel! However she's now a mum of 2 toddlers, so pretending to be various animals is much less of a problem!

team member image - Graham


A diverse and talented instrumentalist, Graham is very much at home playing whatever style of guitar genre we throw at him!

team member image - Caroline


Always busy, Caroline spends as much time as possible composing, writing and generally being creative! Pencil and paper in hand, she's never far from a piano or computer screen - inspiration can strike anywhere, after all! Grumpy Sheep Music aside, she's a keen 'cellist, loves the great outdoors, her elderly horse and running with her two dogs.

team member image - Lucy


Hearing some mellow 'cello tones on our CDs and backing tracks? Well more often than not, that's Lucy's doing - although sometimes, it has to be said, it's Caroline! Whoever's playing we love those 'cello sounds!

team member image - TPom


The youngest member of the flock, TP is intrinsically involved with contemplating computer screens, treading on keyboards and snoozing whist we work around her! She's very vocal, has a great inbuilt rhythm section, and especially likes The Pussy Cat song from our 'Sing About Pets' songbook!

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