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Sing Our Song For Refugee Week! news image 16/04/2018

Sing Our Song For Refugee Week!

Teach your children our song 'One World To Share' and sing it during Refugee Week!

This year we're Refugee Week takes place between 18 -24 June.

You can join in with the celebrations too by singing our song, 'One World To Share,' in your school or community.

It's ideal to sing for children in primary schools in class, assembly, in church or with a singing group or choir in a concert. It's easy to learn and very bouncy! You can listen to a short demo of it here.

The lyrics in 'One World to Share' share the important, inclusive message that every person matters; we're all people with hopes and similar needs, living in one world which we need to share with each other. It's one song from our new musical 'As Free As A Bird' to raise awareness amongst primary school children and their audiences about people seeking sanctuary.

So why not celebrate Refugee Week this year by singing our song loud and clear in your school community, or performing our new musical to raise awareness?

You can download it here now, and have the song, backing tracks, lyrics and sheet music all ready to start rehearsing today!

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