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News from Grumpy Sheep Music rss

We'll post all Grumpy Sheep Music news here - and our latest news headline will also be displayed on our home page. Feel free to spread the word and share our news and our lovely school musicals with colleagues and friends. Facebook is a great way to do this, so do just take a moment to 'like' our facebook page - the icon is just there, down to the left!

St. George and the DRAGON! thumbnail 22/04/2012

St. George and the DRAGON!

This week we celebrate St. George's Day!

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World Water Day news thumbnail

World Water Day

Today is World Water Day.

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Spring is here! news thumbnail

Spring is here!

Spring is here. It's official so it must be true!

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And the winner is... news thumbnail

And the winner is...

To find out the winner of our Music Learning Live competition

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Celebrate World Water Day with our 'Lonely Dragon!' news thumbnail

Celebrate World Water Day with our 'Lonely Dragon!'

It's World Water Day on March 22nd. Our 'Lonely Dragon' musical highlights the importance of water in our lives, and topically deals with water shortage.

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