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Perform 'As Free As A Bird' in the Platforma Festival! details image 29/05/2017

Perform 'As Free As A Bird' in the Platforma Festival!

Would your primary school like to take part in our musical project and perform 'As Free As A Bird' with schools all over the UK during the Platforma Festival in October 2017?

The Platforma Festival is held every two years. It celebrates arts by, with and about refugees. This year it will take place In Newcastle and the North East between 19-31 October.

Our Invitation to Schools...
We're inviting schools in the North East and all over the UK to perform our NEW musical, 'As Free As A Bird' in their own time during the Platforma Festival, to help make a hug countrywide musical splash in support of refugees. It would be fantastic to get as many school around the UK involved with lots of individual musical performances!

Here's how to take part...
  • Let us know you'd like to be involved. We'll send you a welcome pack with a special discount code.
  • Choose convenient performance date(s) during the Platforma Festival, 19-31 October 2017 (before or after is fine too if half term gets in the way!)
  • Let us know when you will be performing - we'll add you to our growing list of UK wide performances.
  • Spread the word and invite other schools to perform too!

Performing 'As Free As A Bird' will also count as a practical action towards becoming a School of Sanctuary. (The musical can be performed with as many children as you like - it's very adaptable and willl suit schools large and small.)

Contact us now to let us know you'd like to be involved, and we'll send you your welcome pack. And can you share this invitation with your colleagues, friends and family? The more schools involved the bigger the musical splash in support of refugees!


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