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All Grumpy Sheep Musicals

All of our musicals, Christmas nativity plays, songbooks and song downloads for primary, pre-school and special needs children are here on display - new ones first, then in alphabetical order. Just click through to see sample scripts, production notes or to hear song excerpts - and to generally find out more about each resource.

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product - Sing About Pets

Sing About Pets
A fabulous song collection, which children, their teachers and all who are young...

product - Sing About the Nativity

Sing About the Nativity
15 fabulously festive songs to sing in primary school or to complement your very...

product - Squirrels! The Musical

Squirrels! The Musical
Red squirrels are in need of our help to survive! If you're interested in e...

product - Stable Surprise!

Stable Surprise!
Shimmering angels, sleepy shepherds, grand wise men and exuberant oxen discover ...


product - The Hoity-Toity Angel

The Hoity-Toity Angel
An enticing retelling of the traditional Nativity, interwoven with the story of ...

product - The King Of All Polar Bears

The King Of All Polar Bears
A thought-provoking winter's musical for primary schools, particularly relev...

product - The Little Red Robin

The Little Red Robin
A delightful Christmas nativity musical for primary children, interlaced with th...

product - The Lonely Dragon

The Lonely Dragon
A delightful musical for primary schools, emphasising the importance of water to...


product - The Most Disgruntled Snowman

The Most Disgruntled Snowman
A delightfully witty nativity musical, charmingly interlaced with the story of a...

product - The Supersonic Lamb

The Supersonic Lamb
Our Olympic Nativity for Primary Schools! An exhilarating Christmas nativity mu...

product - The Very Hopeless Camel

The Very Hopeless Camel
A heart-warming retelling of the traditional Christmas nativity, interlaced with...

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