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All Primary School Musicals

Our musicals for primary schools are incredibly popular, all over the world! Have a look at our fabulous range of musicals for Christmas, Easter, the spring term, summer celebrations and autumn and winter too!

The musicals all come complete with story, music and CDs with great backing tracks ~ and each musical can also be instantly downloaded. Grumpy Sheep Music's productions can be easily adapted to suit large or small numbers of children taking part ~ they're very adaptable and great fun to perform!
product - Squirrels! The Musical

Squirrels! The Musical
Red squirrels are in need of our help to survive! If you're interested in e...

product - Stable Surprise!

Stable Surprise!
Shimmering angels, sleepy shepherds, grand wise men and exuberant oxen discover ...

product - The Hoity-Toity Angel

The Hoity-Toity Angel
An enticing retelling of the traditional Nativity, interwoven with the story of ...

product - The King Of All Polar Bears

The King Of All Polar Bears
A thought-provoking winter's musical for primary schools, particularly relev...


product - The Little Red Robin

The Little Red Robin
A delightful Christmas nativity musical for primary children, interlaced with th...

product - The Lonely Dragon

The Lonely Dragon
A delightful musical for primary schools, emphasising the importance of water to...

product - The Most Disgruntled Snowman

The Most Disgruntled Snowman
A delightfully witty nativity musical, charmingly interlaced with the story of a...

product - The Supersonic Lamb

The Supersonic Lamb
Our Olympic Nativity for Primary Schools! An exhilarating Christmas nativity mu...


product - The Very Hopeless Camel

The Very Hopeless Camel
A heart-warming retelling of the traditional Christmas nativity, interlaced with...

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