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All Single Song Downloads

Individual songs from our primary and pre-school musicals are becoming available as instant downloads - with a sprinkling of brand new songs added too! With each song download you'll get an MP3 with vocals, an MP3 with backing tracks, piano and guitar music, and also a lyric sheet.

Each month we'll be highlighting topical Songs of the Month, so do keep popping back to see what's new!

product - XS *A Healthy Ocean new

XS *A Healthy Ocean
'A Healthy Ocean' is a catchy song raising awareness about the need for ...

product - XS *Act Now! new

XS *Act Now!
Our new song 'Act Now' has been especially written to raise awareness ab...

product - XS *Bottlenose Dolphins new

XS *Bottlenose Dolphins
'Bottlenose Dolphins' is a beautifully bouncy song about...bottlenose do...

product - XS *Great Humpback Whales new

XS *Great Humpback Whales
'Great Humpback Whales' is a hauntingly evocative song about beautiful h...


product - XS *Leatherback Turtles new

XS *Leatherback Turtles
Our jaunty song is all about wonderful leatherback turtles. It's jazzy and h...

product - XS *Say No To Plastic! new

XS *Say No To Plastic!
'Say No To Plastic' is all about raising issues to do with.....plastic! ...

product - XS *The Cod Fish new

XS *The Cod Fish
'The Cod Fish' is an engaging song about the ubiquitous cod fish. The mu...

product - XS *The Wandering Albatross new

XS *The Wandering Albatross
'The Wandering Albatross' is a beautifully lyrical song about magnificen...


product - XS *Badger Blues - A Song about Badgers

XS *Badger Blues - A Song about Badgers
Our little song to sing about Badgers. It's taken from our red squirrel c...

product - XS *Beautiful Leaves - A Song for Autumn

XS *Beautiful Leaves - A Song for Autumn
A lovely autumnal song, full of colur and movement, for primary singers to ...

product - XS *Dans Le Ciel - A Nativity Song in French

XS *Dans Le Ciel - A Nativity Song in French
A lovely Christmas song - all in French! Impress your audiences with this gre...

product - XS *Dream or Reality? - A Song for Shakespeare Week

XS *Dream or Reality? - A Song for Shakespeare Week
'Dream or Reality' is our popular song download for primary school child...


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