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Help Save Hedgehogs!

Did you know that hedgehogs in the UK are endangered?

In the 1950s there were around 30 million hedgehogs resident in the UK.

Now there are only one million.

Which is why we have written one lovely - and very prickly - hedgehog song for anyone who is young at heart to sing!

It's called 'Spiky Hedgehogs!' and whilst it is a fun action song, it also has the serious job to do of helping to raise hedgehog awareness.

Children singing our song is a great way to do this, as, at the very simplest level not only do they learn about hedgehogs through the lyrics, they also spread the word to parents and audiences as they sing!

You can get going now and raise awareness about our prickly friends by downloading 'Spiky Hedgehogs!' here.

And we're donating £1 from each download purchased to the wonderful work Carole Catchpole and her volunteers do at the Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust

So do get singing about our prickly friends and help save our hedgehogs at the same time!

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