UK schools can be invoiced at checkout - just tick the box! (Excludes orders with downloads which need card payment)


Q. Do we need a performing licence to perform a Grumpy Sheep Musical?

A. Yes, you do need a Performance Licence from Grumpy Sheep Music to perform each of our copyright musicals. (If you perform a work which involves spoken dialogue or narrative, movement and drama, a Performing Rights Licence (PRL) is needed from the publisher of that work.) The PRL will be issued for the performance of the specific work. It protects your school or organisation against any infringement of copyright. Please see our Licensing and Copyright section for more complete information.

Q. My school holds a PRS licence. Do I still need a performing licence?    

A. Yes! The PRS licence does not cover the performance of our musicals. A Performing Rights Licence (PRL) is required from Grumpy Sheep Music for the specific musical you intend to perform. Check out our Licensing and Copyright section for more information.

Q. Can you invoice my school? 

A. If you are an LEA school within the UK we can offer you the option to be invoiced - even online! If you are invoiced, please make sure that your payment reaches us within 14 days of the invoice date. The option to be invoiced online is available during checkout.

For all other customers, payment must be made at the time of ordering.

Q. What does each book & CD package include?

A.  Each of our musicals comes complete with story, lyrics, simple piano accompaniment and guitar chords. Each book includes a CD with a full vocal version of the songs for rehearsals and professionally arranged backing tracks for performance. Just about everything you need for a wonderful performance!

Q. Can we order 'The Grumpy Sheep' from you?

A. This has to be our most commonly asked question! Unfortunately, no, you can't. Caroline Hoile wrote The Grumpy Sheep, but it was before Grumpy Sheep Music came into existence. The Grumpy Sheep is published by Golden Apple and available from music shops.    

Q. Do you offer inspection copies?

A. Sorry, we don't supply inspection copies of our musicals and songbooks. We try however to make our website as comprehensive as possible, in order to help you make your choice. Each musical has its own page, and information about the chosen musical can be found either by scrolling over the front cover image and clicking on 'Look inside!' which magically appears, or by selecting information within the  'Product information' box. Here excerpts of songs can be heard, and samples of the story, script, sheet music, stage notes and characters involved can be seen.

Many music shops also stock our material. If they don't already stock our music, just ask them to contact us and we can send directly to them. And you can always contact us to ask advice. We're more than happy to help!

Q. Do you produce a more formal playscript?

A. Some musicals do have a playscript insert available. In the playscript, the story and wording remains exactly the same, but individual parts have been separately created.

Q. Can we buy replacement CD's separately?

A. The book and CD is sold as a package. However, from time to time we get requests for replacement CD's, when the initial CD has been damaged or is missing. We can issue replacement CD's if you have bought the complete book & CD pack within the last 2 years. Just contact us directly should the need for a replacement CD arise. Alternatively you can order an extra CD online at the time of purchasing your music - or buy one or more packs of 5 rehearsal CDs at any time.

Q. How flexible are the numbers of parts in Grumpy Sheep musicals?

A. Very, very, flexible! You can perform each musical with a very small cast, or include very large groups of children. There are no limits to the numbers of, for example, stars, angels, shepherds and sheep that can be accommodated!  

Q. Can we change the story, script or music?

A. Grumpy Sheep Music stories/scripts are easily adaptable to the particular needs of your nursery, group or school. You do not need to notify us about small changes you make to the story or script. However you do need to obtain our permission for substantial changes or if you wish to alter song lyrics or the music. Please contact us if you have any queries.  

Q. Is my school allowed to make DVD or sound recordings?

A. Yes, but please let Grumpy Sheep Music know in advance how many copies of DVDs or sound recordings you intend to make - or have made for you - so that the appropriate licence and invoice can be issued. Please contact us with any queries.

Q. Do you supply music to schools only?

A. We mostly supply our music to schools, nurseries and church groups, but frequently get requests from parents and grandparents to purchase our music too! We do require payment to accompany a private order though.

Q. Do you accept returns?

A. We're sorry but Grumpy Sheep Music does not accept returns unless a product is discovered to be faulty upon delivery and we have been informed of this straight away. It rarely happens, but in the unlikely event that a book or CD is shown to be faulty, please contact us immediately.

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?

A.  We process all orders in the 'order' that they are received. We try to post your music within 2 working days of receiving your order. When we are especially busy however, from September to December, it may take up to 5 working days for your order to be posted to you. We post first class within the UK.

If you would prefer us to post special delivery please contact us before ordering.