Digital Downloads

Digital Sheep! Instant Downloads

Look out for our INSTANT Digital Sheep! downloads for our musicals. Each Grumpy Sheep musical is available to buy as an instant MP3 and PDF download  - as an extra purchase - when you order a printed musical.

With our Digital Sheep! downloads you'll get the songs and backing tracks from our musicals and nativity plays in an MP3 format directly from our website ~ plus the script and sheet music as PDF downloads too! Rehearsals can start immediately - as soon as you have saved your downloads! Meanwhile we'll pop your book and CD into first class post!

Our New Single Song Downloads

  • We’re currently highlighting topical NEW songs as Digital Sheep! downloads too!
  • These are marked XS* (Extra Song!) in our shop and are available to buy in our Single Song Downloads section.
  • Each individual song comes with MP3s of both the song and backing tracks, plus PDFs of the sheet music, separate lyrics ~ and a helpful information sheet too! 

Our Digital Sheep! downloads will give you…

• Instant access to the songs and titles you have bought. If you've ordered a musical, your book and CD will follow on quickly in first class post!

• An MP3 of each song - plus our great backing tracks too! Your children can begin to enjoy our songs straight away.

• A PDF of both the story and sheet music.You can get your performances organised and make a start on sorting out parts immediately!

• A licence, respecting our copyright, which allows you to use our downloaded material solely within your school or organisation.


How to access Digital Sheep! Downloads…

 When your order has been accepted online you can instantly download our MP3 files for your chosen musical either by logging in to your ‘My account’ page OR via a link from your confirmation email.
 Do remember to save the files!
 Please use our downloads responsibly. They are licensed to you, for use in your production, within your school or organisation only. Legally they are within copyright law. We trust you will respect this.