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Our New Christmas Nativity - The Jumpy Sheep!

We're delighted to introduce The Jumpy Sheep, our NEW nativity musical for Christmas 2022!

From the writer of the ever-popular Grumpy Sheep, comes this joyful, uplifting story about a little sheep who is so anxious that every little thing makes her jump in fright - even her own shadow. The other sheep in her flock try to be kind - but nothing really helps - that is, until the jumpy sheep finally reaches the stable in Bethlehem, and becomes the happiest sheep ever!

This endearing musical, based on the traditional nativity story, is guaranteed to bring joy to children, parents and (we hope!) teachers too, this Christmas. The story is utterly heart-warming and the songs, which you can hear excerpts of if you click here, are very catchy and really easy to learn too!

We, at Grumpy Sheep, all love our new little Jumpy Sheep. We're sure that you will too!


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