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Our Refugee Song and the Olympics!

Wouldn't you like to sing in solidarity with the Olympic refugee team?

Here's your chance!

Our song 'ONE WORLD TO SHARE' has been very well sung this year.

Lots of voices - both younger and older - sang it during Refugee week.

And it's timely to sing it again now, during the Olympics, in solidarity with refugees all over the world - including, of course, the Olympic refugee team.

So during the Olympics, why not download our song 'ONE WORLD TO SHARE' and celebrate our common humanity with refugees everywhere - including the refugee athletes in the Olympic team?

We'll be donating all proceeds from the download of this song to the Refugee Council during the Olympic period 5-16th August!

You can DOWNLOAD 'One World to Share' here.

And please, do share this post, and lets all sing in solidarity with refugees across our world!


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