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Our Walrus Song!

Did you watch the first episode of Blue Planet II?

Anyone who did must surely have been moved by the Walrus mother trying to find an icy place to rest for her baby.
Our musical,
The King of All Polar Bears, whilst dealing with respecting each other's differences to share our world peacefully together, is magically set in the Arctic, with captivating songs about Arctic wildlife.
And yes, we have a Walrus song! Whilst it's fun to sing for children, the song is also packed full of carefully researched information about the Walrus!
Here's a little excerpt from it:-
To hear more excerpts of our beautiful Arctic wildlife songs have a look at
The King of All Polar Bears winter musical, and read the glowing testimonial given to it by polar explorer Conrad Dickinson.
We're sure you - and David Attenborough - will be impressed!

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