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Sing Our Shakespearean Song - From Your Balcony!

We're concerned sheep at the moment - (not too grumpy!) - and wishing everyone well in these worrying times.

We note, however, that this week is Shakespeare Week, and every year we give a shout out to our little song, that many schools enjoy singing.

Rather aptly (and ironically) it's called 'Dream or Reality!'

Inspired by the magical quailities of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream,' our magical song contemplates whether the mysterious events were actually true - or just a dream.

If you'd like transporting to an ethereal, calm place right now, this little song, written in true Shakespearean style, might be just for you :)

And if you're not in school, it's perfect to sing or soothingly play from your balcony, patio or open window or door for others to enjoy, in true Shakespearean style!

Here's the link.

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