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All We Need Is Love?

Well we certainly need love in our lives.

And a little kindness and care wouldn't go amiss - perhaps now more than ever.

Sunday 13th November 2016 is World Kindness Day. Should we need reminding, it's a day to celebrate and promote kindness of every sort.

The special day was introduced by the World Kindness Movement, in 1998. The idea is that World Kindness Day unites people all over the world in kindness. And, as its name suggests, it's a special day to perform a random act of kindness, wherever you are in the world!

It's a lovely thought, although we would rather hope that people do try to be kind and caring towards others as a matter of course! Perhaps it's better to think of World Kindness Day as being a day to try to be extra kind to others?

One of our songs, '
One World to Share,' is all about kindness, caring, and sharing. Why not sing it on World Kindness Day - and spread a little much needed love?

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