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Anyone For Chocolate Cake?

It feels a lot like Christmas around here at the minute . . .

Really, it does! We haven’t lost the plot. It’s February, we know, and Twelfth Night is but a distant memory.

But that hasn’t stopped us all feeling rather festive here.
Perhaps it’s because it’s been so cold outside.

Perhaps it’s because, whenever we take a break from the latest musical masterpiece to be undergoing development here at Grumpy Sheep HQ, it seems to be snowing.

Or perhaps it’s because we’ve been so extremely busy!

Christmas is our most hectic period, for obvious reasons, but life is supposed to start slowing down just a little once the festivities have finished. That’s the theory, at least . . .

If anything it feels that, so far in 2013, we’ve been more engaged than ever.

Doing what, you might ask? Oh, where to begin!

For a start, there’s our latest excellent opus – an eagerly awaited mini-musical entitled '
Simply Easter!'

This went into the final stages of production last week and, with the printing presses rolling as we speak, this should (fingers crossed) be imminently available.

Impressed? You should be. But that’s not all . . .

You see, our technical team are doing their best to add even more new features to our shiny new website. Their main challenge is to make all of our musicals available for digital download! It’s a lengthy process but, we’re assured, it’s going rather well!

Then there’s this blog (which doesn’t, of course, write itself) and our ongoing quest to engage with our social media operation. Yes, we’ve blogged before. But, this time, we’re going to be more prolific in our posts, offering a greater insight into our efforts and becoming more accessible to all the Grumpy Sheep flock!

It’s no surprise that, with so much going on, we’re starting to feel in need of a nibble or two so, if you’ll excuse us, there’s a rather appealing chocolate cake awaiting us.

Don’t begrudge us a treat or two, it is Christmas, after all. Well, kind of!

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