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Back To The Future?!

Growing up, we always imagined that, come the Twenty-First Century, we’d all be flying around on jet-packs and living on the moon.

Science fiction was at its most fervent back then. Things didn’t turn out quite as we expected.

Technology has moved in a different direction. Space travel (and personal rocket propulsion systems) might have taken a back seat, but advances elsewhere over the last two or three decades have been startling.

Our first video recorder, for instance, was roughly the size of a Smart car. When we bought our first mobile phone, the use of the word ‘mobile’ was something of a misnomer.

Our first home computer required a cassette deck in order to access software that always took an age to load. The first time we ever listened to music on the go, using one of the earliest Sony Walkmans (or should that be Walkmen?), it weighed so much that it almost resulted in a hernia!

The amusing thing is that, as outdated and crude as such contraptions seem to our 2013 selves, these things, back in the day, couldn’t have felt more futuristic.

Right now, our devices seem more space age than ever. But there will come a time when all our tablets, smartphones and MP3 players will appear as basic to future generations as our old top-loading Betamax VCR seems to us now.

No-one can predict where science will take us next, or what the next great electronic invention is going to be; all that we can do is make the most of the technology that is available to us today, which is why we’re working so hard behind the scenes to make all our music available for digital download direct from our website.

In the future, we have no doubt that this will be considered to be an old-fashioned way of doing things. In the here and now, however, it couldn’t be more cutting edge.

This is us embracing innovation and putting it to real use. With such technology at our fingertips, who needs jet-packs?

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