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Grumpy? Us? Surely Not!

We love our name - Grumpy Sheep Music. It always makes people laugh!

It regularly makes us laugh too.

For example, when we get letters addressed to 'FAO: The Grumpy Sheep,' 'FAO: Grumpy Sheet Music' and one very memorable one was addressed 'FAO: The Very Hopeless Camel,' which made us sheep giggle for hours - and still does!

However grumpy our name makes us sound, the truth couldn’t be more different. We love what we do – writing and composing, with lots of music and singing thrown in for good measure. We're happy sheep really!

You see, we have absolutely no reason to be grumpy, whatsoever. And with all the lovely warm sunny weather that we’ve had here in the beautiful North East recently, we’re actually feeling more cheerful than usual – if that’s possible!

We’ve been fascinated to learn that there is good scientific reasoning behind why we feel chirpier than ever in the sunshine. With our investigative Grumpy Sheep hats on, we’ve discovered that exposure to sunlight boosts levels of serotonin, the so-called ‘happy hormone.’ It encourages a positive outlook on life, and apparently brightens the mood - even for the grumpiest of sheep!

Singing – something that is of obvious importance to our efforts here – has a similar effect, with studies having shown that the practice releases endorphins - the brain’s feel-good chemicals. Because the breathing techniques involved increase the oxygen in the blood, improving circulation, reducing anxieties and encouraging an altogether more relaxed state, singing is seriously good for the disposition. Combine singing and sunshine and there can be nothing better.

On top of that, the lovely - and very welcome - warm weather makes us feel wonderful. Relaxing coffee - and lunch breaks - in the sun have been looked forward to eagerly. And then, reinvigorated, the natural increase in energy levels that warmth and sunshine bring has meant that we’ve been gambolling around our field, accomplishing all sorts. There’s no question that, on the lingering sunny days that we’ve recently experienced, we’re even more productive sheep than usual!

There’s little that can make us Grumpy Sheep happier than sunshine and music, and during early June, we’ve enjoyed both in plentiful measure. And the combination of all the singing that we do composing our songs - and the extra serotonin we’ve benefited from – seem to have given us an endorphin overload!

So it’s perhaps no surprise that we’re feeling on top of the world right now.

Grumpy? By name, perhaps, but certainly not by nature. And most especially not when it’s sunny!

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