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Happy World Oceans Day!

We think every day should be World Oceans Day. The seas and oceans of the world are so vital to our well being.

We're very much into the environment and conservation here at Grumpy Sheep Music. And we've written a whole oceanic musical,
Mr Toby's Dolphin, which contains ten songs about marine life!

We've included most of the song titles in our paragraph about World Oceans Day below. Why not check them out? 

On this special day, celebrating the 'Wonders Of The Sea' we all need to
'Say No To Plastic' so that our 'Bottlenose Dolphins,' 'Great Humpback Whales, 'Cod Fish,' 'Wandering Albatross' and 'Leatherback Turtles' can survive!

We - and all living creatures - need  
'A Healthy Ocean'  today and everyday!

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