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Infant School Nativities & Christmas Musicals: Grumpy Sheep Music is 21!

We’re still celebrating being 21 this year – hurray! And in this article we’re starting to take a look at some of Grumpy Sheep’s Christmas musicals and nativities for infants. It seems they’re ever popular!

Our very first infant nativity play for Christmas 2000 was our very lovable, the Very Hopeless Camel. This traditional Grumpy Sheep Christmas musical has a beautiful twist in the story – as our hopeless camel had one particular fault; he had no sense of direction and always got lost, which of course, didn’t bode well for him actually getting to the Bethlehem stable at all! Fortunately, the Very Hopeless Camel nativity play does, of course, all end happily. And after many misadventures, our hopelessly wandering camel amazingly arrives at the stable with all the other camels, and he becomes the happiest, most hopeful camel you have ever come across!

Many, many thousands of children in primary schools have performed this Grumpy Sheep nativity musical throughout the UK - and the world - over the last twenty-one years, and are still performing it to this day. We wonder how many zillions of humps have been wiggled – as the lyrics go in the opening song! Here’s a lovely demo video to refresh your memory ( as you do, of course, wiggle the hump!)!

The Very Hopeless Camel is a sequel to the renowned Grumpy Sheep musical which was written before Grumpy Sheep Music was even in existence. So if you loved the Grumpy Sheep, but haven’t yet experienced the Very Hopeless Camel, do try it. We’re sure you’ll similarly love it, too!

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