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Keep On Going, Andy!

So here it is then . . .

Our annual two-week tennis-a-thon; the uncontrollable outbreak of unbridled patriotism; one of the UKs favourite fortnights of the year; the big one; Wimbledon!

We’re not pretending to be experts on all things racquet-sport related - although we’re quite partial to a Pimm’s and regularly enjoy a strawberry or two! But we understand it enough to know who most of the UK will be rooting for over the next two weeks, and for many UK tennis fans, a home-court success for Andy Murray on July 7th would be grand.

So far – rather like Tim Henman, his plucky predecessor – Murray’s Wimbledon career has been a bit, shall we say, up and down?

He came closer than ever 12 months ago, of course, losing in an epic final to the ever-so-fabulous Roger Federer. Having since won Olympic Gold, not to mention the US Open title, we’re wondering if the tide has started to turn for the World Number Two?

But should he once again fail to follow in Fred Perry’s famous footsteps, he’ll still be an inspiration in our eyes . . .

You see, we’ve long believed that winning isn’t everything; it’s the taking part, and trying your very best that counts.

Take The Supersonic Lamb, for instance.
Our ever-popular children’s Christmas musical tells of a boastful little lamb who discovers the hard way that finishing first, or last, doesn’t matter as much as giving one’s all.

As, perhaps, the nations’ favourite tennis player, Murray always gives maximum effort, that’s for sure. And so long as he puts in the all-important 100 per cent again this time around, we’re certain that he’ll be fine!

Here in our Grumpy Sheep Music studio, we wish Andy Murray all the best at Wimbledon and, should he require something inspirational to listen to in the locker room, we’d like to recommend our ever-so-relevant song ‘Keep on Going’ (a particular favourite from The Supersonic Lamb, and, would you believe, available as an MP3 download from our very own website!)

Maybe we should all sing it to him, to get him in the right 'frame' of mind? (Oops, sorry couldn't avoid the pun!)

Altogether now . . .

Go on, go on, just keep on going, and try your very hardest…!’

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