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Newcastle Or Narnia?

There are just 232 days to go until Christmas - or at least there were when we posted this blog!

It might be May, but here at Grumpy Sheep Music our sights are fixed on times more festive.

We’ve always found that it pays to be prepared.

It’s quite possible that we begin our build-up even earlier than the elves stocking Santa’s Workshop. But if everything’s going to be ready in time, the sooner we start the better.

It’s a little like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. No sooner has one Christmas finished than it’s time to prepare for the next. So great is the demand for our nativities and musicals – and such are the logistics involved – there is no other way.

In order to ensure that our most sought-after works are in print and available, decisions must be made now, and should we feel the need to add to our Christmas catalogue, this is the time to do it.

It’s rather strange to be casting an eye over The Supersonic Lamb, Come to the Manger and The Little Red Robin whilst outside in the garden the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the daffodils are in full bloom. Writing songs about snowmen when we could be soaking up some rays isn’t always the easiest assignment!

It seems as though it’s always Christmas around here and, from time to time, we have cause to question whether we’re living in Newcastle or in Narnia!

Not that we’re complaining . . .

You see, so much do we love Christmas – and so enjoyable is our work – that it’s always a thrill to start plotting our next festive programme.

It might be May, but here at Grumpy Sheep Music, it’s Christmas all year round!

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