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Sing About Harvest, Autumn, Hedgehogs and Squirrels!

Autumn is a beautiful season, and lovely time for topic work in school. So let's have a look at some of the musicals and songs in our autumn collection. First of all, there's Squirrels! The Musical, our bouncy red squirrel conservation musical with vibrant songs about badgers, sparrows, mice - and red squirrels of course, too! Meet our gorgeous family of red squirrels in this heart-warming eco-musical, which not only introduces children to red squirrel conservation, but also to the seasons and British wildlife. It includes fabulous songs about badgers, sparrows, squirrels and little mice, whilst also encouraging children to care, share and be generous to others. Squirrels! the Musical is just one of our environmental musicals which cleverly use the creative arts to highlight important global issues. 

Here's a lovely review of our brilliantly bouncy eco-musical for 4-9s (Key Stage1/2): 'Squirrels! the Musical is a wonderful way to introduce young children to the issues of red squirrel conservation' Katy RSNE

Autumn is also the time to begin thinking about Harvest festivals, which brings to mind our ever-popular Harvest Songbeautifully simple and poignant, the lyrics of Enough to be Shared couldn't be more relevant for today's world. It's proved to be a very popular song for celebrating Harvest in both schools and churches.

Children can also enjoy dancing, singing or listening to our gentle song about  gloriously coloured Autumn Leaves or our action song about Hibernating Hedgehogs; hedgehogs, like red squirrels, are another endangered species in the UK. Use this song to raise awareness about hedgehogs!

And finally, this is not quite about squirrels or hedgehogs, but do have a look at our brand new environmental musical, Poppy the Penguin, especially written for schoolchildren aged 6-11 to raise awareness and inspire action about climate change. It couldn't be a more urgent or topical musical to perform, especially with COP26 looming. 

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