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Snowmen We Know And Love!

There’s lots to love about Christmas . . .

The food. The celebrations. The presents and, of course, the carols and music. Even the adverts on television are better during the Festive Period.

One of the very best – in our opinion at least – is John Lewis’ seasonal spectacular. The snowman one. You’ll have seen it. You’ll have loved it too, we’re sure!

Featuring Gabrielle Aplin’s stunning vocals and titled The Journey, the commercial in question is a celebration of snowmen (and women) who, according to the filmmakers responsible, represent Christmas and everything that’s good about it.

Here at Grumpy Sheep Music, we appreciate a good snowperson more than most . . .So much so that one of our musicals – composed here in our studio in North-East England – is all about one.

It’s called The Most Disgruntled Snowman because, well, as much as we all like them, they’re not always the cheeriest souls. You can’t blame them. It must be cold out there!

The Journey’s central character doesn’t always look the most pleased, it must be said, as he braves the elements, negotiating roads, rivers and mountains and even taking on the High Street crowds, intent on completing his Christmas shopping.

That he does so – and returns home in once piece – comes as quite a relief! There’s little here at Grumpy Sheep Music that we like more than a good old-fashioned happy ending.

For that reason (and without wanting to give too much away here), we’ve made sure that our Most Disgruntled Snowman finishes on an exuberantly positive note.

He might rant and rave throughout but, when he meets Baby Jesus in Bethlehem, our temperamental star does end the performance in a much better mood, and with a sizeable smile on his face . . .

Just like the snowman (and his partner) in The Journey, and just like us every time that it comes on television!

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