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The Countdown Begins...

It’s almost here . . .

Christmas, that is, our calculations indicating that there are now just 27 sleeps to go until the big day.

This truly is, as the song suggests, the most wonderful time of the year. Especially, it must be said, for the team here at Grumpy Sheep Music.

This is the time, you see, when we start to see the fruits of our labours, and a terrific sight it is too. Our efforts throughout 2012 have been building, like a great crescendo, to the coming days and weeks when, in schools and nurseries all over the UK – actually, make that the world, as we’ll explain in our next blog post – innumerable children (and their teachers too) will be performing our work . . . Our festive musicals and nativities, that is, created and composed just for them, right here in our harmonious headquarters in North-East England. Be it The Supersonic Lamb, Cock-a-Doodle Christmas or The Most Disgruntled Snowman, the rehearsals are in full swing and the final preparations being made.

Here at Grumpy Sheep Music – where creating fun and educational musicals and songs for children has long been our passion – we’d like to wish all our performers the very best of luck in their forthcoming Christmas productions.

It goes without saying that we’d love to hear all about them some time (and pictures would be even better!) Please drop us a line and make a Grumpy Sheep’s day . . .

* If you haven’t yet ordered a Christmas musical for your school, don’t panic: there’s still time! Our super-efficient team can post musicals first class on the day we receive your order – providing it’s before 3.30pm. It’s a service to rival Santa’s Elves, but the clock is ticking.

Don’t miss out, give us a shout, and you too could enjoy a musical Christmas!

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