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The Song Without Words?

People often think of us as musicians . . .

To some, we’re known as composers of children’s songs.

To others, we’re accomplished musicians, arrangers and instrumentalists.

Music is one of our huge loves, granted, and we’re proud of all our achievements in this field.

But there’s a little more to us than first might meet the eye.

We’re just back from the London Book Fair, where we’ve enjoyed rubbing shoulders with others who share a keen interest in certain other aspects of our business.

Those involved in publishing, for instance. Authors and storytellers too.

Before exchanging the North-East for Earls Court, we enjoyed a short promotional film about an event that ranks amongst the most important in the literary world.

Those interviewed included a certain Julia Donaldson, whose work (in forms both printed and theatrical) has long been a favourite here. To think that we’re moving in the same circles as the author of The Gruffalo is a genuine thrill. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves.

Storytellers we are, though, because despite our obvious musical pedigree, there’s more to our respective bows than treble clefs and chords.

Our musicals, as wonderfully tuneful as they are, would be less of an affair without our compelling plots.

We’re passionate about words and about getting our storylines and drama just right! And the fact that our stories and scripts are written with love, care and minute attention to detail, should not be overlooked . . . we’re authors too, you see!

And then there’s the publishing arm of our operation - or should that be 'leg' seeing that we're grumpy sheep?! The typesetting and the printing; the illustrating and the editing; the distribution and disseminating of our work. We could continue ...!

It’s good to be back in the North-East and having spent this week gathering ideas and inspiration, meeting people and learning about all the latest trends, we think our time in London could prove invaluable. Indeed, we can’t wait to start writing and composing again!

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