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The Speediest Sheep In Existence!

Really, we should have taken part in the Winter Olympics this year.

We're whizzing through projects at such an impressive rate, we're seem to be resembling our ever - so - fast 'Supersonic Lamb!'

In the last few weeks we've written a song for Shakespeare Week, called 'Dream or Reality?' It was inspired by all the magical happenings in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and atmospherically questions whether the mysterious events were fantasy or fact.

It's great for primary schools to sing - (approximately 7-11 year old age group) and school choirs too. You can download it here  - and also here with added extras!

Then we've recorded and arranged all the songs for our brand new musical for primary schools - 'Nice Weather for Ducks!' which will be available very soon.

Written for 7-11 year olds once again, this witty musical will be great fun for an end of term summer musical - and an ideal primary musical for leavers.

As if this wasn't enough to be going along with, we've also recently written and recorded a new song for Mother's Day, which is going to be premiered in Birmingham this March.

And then straight into formatting our latest musical for the Autumn term - which is presently top secret, but all will be revealed in due course!

So as we appear to be the speediest sheep in existence at the moment, we're rather regretiing not having entered for the Winter Olympics.

We really ought to have done - don't you think?

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