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Universal Sheep!

An estimated 7.7m Britons spent a fair chunk of the weekend watching the Eurovision Song Contest.

Like it (or otherwise!) there’s something about this singing extravaganza that is of curious interest.

The cultural contrasts between ourselves and all our continental compadres are fascinating. Yes, we’re all European. But our differences couldn’t be more pronounced. Something that is de rigueur in Denmark, for instance, might be frowned upon in France. Practices acceptable in Armenia might be outlawed in Estonia.

Each to their own, we say, and in nothing more so than music. There were those who quite enjoyed Bonnie Tyler’s performance. Elsewhere in Europe, it didn’t prove quite so popular.

Notable acts from the performances could well include Greece (great costumes) and Romania (nice dancing and fabulous falsetto), but the highlight for us could be found a little closer to home than Malmo.

You see, whilst enjoying Cezar’s performance for Romania, it dawned on us that we’ve achieved something quite remarkable . . .

Our music, composed here in our studio in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, is enjoyed in Romania. It is popular in Germany, France and Spain and in countless other countries right across Europe (and beyond).

In countries diverse and different. In countries that, in musical terms, have little else in common.

In appealing to audiences all over the Eurozone, we’ve managed to cross the cultural divide . . .

This, as Bonnie Tyler might attest, isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

But Europe has voted and our music has received the maximum marks.

Bringing together a continent, appealing to all and securing the all-important thumbs up – it’s no small feat. Good music, though, is universal. You just have to speak the right language.

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