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Watch And Enjoy!

Our response to this article!

Enjoy and savour the moment we say - rather than trying to capture every last image on a device. You can't be watching your child with unbridled attention and recording all at the same time!

There is also the *slight* issue of copyright.

Often not realised by parents - who are obviously and rightly keen to have recorded memories of their own children - nativity plays are all written by someone, and the intellectual property owned by the author or composer until 70 years after their death. So unless licensed to do so, recording is actually prohibited.

It's an often overlooked point.

And rather than frantically trying to snap or record every enticing image or song, maybe we all should just try to sit back and enjoy the magical moments children will undoubtedly give us in the renditions of their various nativity plays - and perhaps take a few good old fashioned photos in a final photo shoot when the play has drawn to a close?

Yes it's perhaps going back a little in time, but maybe the precious memories gained from actually watching or listening to your child in a nativity play is more important - and a more long lasting - than what is lost?!

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