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Sing About Pets

Sing About Pets

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by Caroline Hoile

A fabulous song collection, which children, their teachers and all who are young at heart will find quite irresistible! Our songbook 'Sing About Pets' magically captures the delights of our favourite furry and not-so-furry friends, from squeaky mice to flapping budgies!

Written especially for children, these captivating songs can be sung just for fun, or used to stimulate, inspire and beautifully complement topic work.

Complete with lyrics, piano music, guitar chords and CD with songs and backing tracks too!

For 3 to 7 years, 12 new songs

  • 1 Lots Of Lovely Love

  • 2 Flap Your Wings Budgie

  • 3 Hop, Hop, Hopping Rabbit

  • 4 The Tortoise

  • 5 Little Pony

  • 6 Some Dogs!

  • 7 A Gerbil

  • 8 My Guinea Pig

  • 9 The Pussy Cat

  • 10 Wake Up, Hamster!

  • 11 A Great Big Shiny Goldfish

  • 12 Squeaky Little Mouse